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If you want a rewarding business that makes an impact on all ages of fitness, Own an Elixir Franchise!

Let's break down the need for a business that no one has, but every sports complex needs!


Prevent Injury

Unlimited use of the most advanced muscle recovery and prevention therapies available to the public

Increase Performance

 Increase your body's performance by reducing inflammation and increasing strength.

Recover Faster

Keep your edge by accelerated muscle recovery and joint stability. Be ready for the next game or personal goal. 

Repair your body 

 Is that old injury keeping you from reaching your potential? Try a cutting edge approach to recovery that traditional methods fail to deliver.  


Elixir was designed to combat the overwhelming injuries that occur in youth sports every year. Kids train on a whole different level than 10 years ago. The amount of volume that is placed on their bodies due to school and club sports is equivalent to a professional athlete, but no one is doing anything to control inflammation and fatigue that lead to injury. Over 62% of injuries occur in practice alone for youth sports "John Hopkins University" with over 3.5 million in medical expenses spent on injuries each season. It's not a question of if my child gets injured playing sports, it's simply when. We can help adults and kids AVOID becoming another statistic to injury.

Elixir is the answer with our advanced protocols for body recovery that can be used on people of all ages to help them get back on their feet, or keep them in the game with our advanced Muscle Recovery system. Contact us today to put an Elixir in your location or Franchise. 

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As an Elixir Muscle Recovery Center Franchise Partner you will own a business with unlimited potential in the growing $5 billion a year youth sports market. While the target age group is 8 to 18 years old, through our extended programs your clients can range from 8 to adult. Your business will benefit from multiple revenue streams from memberships, club and school sports, teams, leagues, gift cards, and merchandise. As a franchise partner you will have support every step of the way and access to Elixir training materials.

INVESTMENT RANGE – $105,000-$150,000

** Financing available to get you started at $0 down.



“What an amazing difference from the year before using Elixir Muscle Recovery Centers to keep my daughter at the top of her game for Club Volleyball. I would recommend to anyone.”

Trinity, Frisco TX