Prevent Injury

Unlimited use of the most advanced muscle recovery and prevention therapies available to the public

Increase Performance

 Increase your body's performance by reducing inflammation and increasing strength.

Recover Faster

Keep your edge by accelerated muscle recovery and joint stability. Be ready for the next game or personal goal. 

Repair your body 

 Is that old injury keeping you from reaching your potential? Try a cutting edge approach to recovery that traditional methods fail to deliver.  

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The only way to avoid an injury is to prevent it

The body is a fine tuned machine, but even in your best shape, it will fail you at some point if you continue to push it. Elixir is the solution for longevity and performance. Keep yourself or your team at the top of the game with advanced recovery methods that are proven and used by professional athletes. Its just a matter of time before an injury occurs, we are here to PREVENT it from happening. 



“What an amazing difference from the year before using Elixir Muscle Recovery Centers to keep my daughter at the top of her game for Club Volleyball. I would recommend to anyone.”

Trinity, Frisco TX


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