Red-light Therapy Franchise

Red-Light Therapy

Red Light: Red light comes from wavelengths in the mid-600nm range. Red light is visible and has been studied in thousands of clinical trials and medical studies. The health benefits of red light are well-established. In the early 1990s, NASA found that red light could activate plant growth in space, in the absence of sunlight. This and other earlier discoveries led to far greater clinical interest in red light therapy.


Red and Near Infrared (NIR) Light Enhance Cellular Function and Health

The existing body of research on light and human health shows that red and NIR light are the most beneficial wavelengths, with the fewest risks and downsides. UV light is crucial for vitamin D, but it can also be dangerous when you absorb too much. Blue light similarly has upsides and serious downsides. Red and NIR light have shown a wide range of potential health enhancements, with relatively little risk and few side effects. 

Thanks to today’s LED technology, Joovv is able to isolate specific wavelengths of red and NIR light and deliver it directly to the skin and cells. Red light therapy is essentially taking the most beneficial wavelengths of light we get from the sun, and avoiding everything else, so you can target the mitochondria and enhance cellular function and energy production across the body. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, absorbing red and NIR light supports biological balance and overall health.